At Gold Standard are goal is to create an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. We believe in developing the child as a whole. We have designed our curriculum around the Nevada Infant/ Toddler and Pre-K Standards. This allows our teachers to impart their own creativity, experiences, and themes into curriculum to ensure a Hands-on developmental experience inside the classroom. We feel that this program will provide each child with an environment that is fun, warm, supportive, and will prepare them for success in the public school system and beyond.

Lesson Plans are created weekly and posted in each classroom for the parents and families to view. Our goal is to help every child reach their full potential.

Classrooms provide different areas of learning throughout the day, including mathematics, sciences, dramatic play, fine motor development and gross motor development. Every classroom plays outdoors twice a day, 30 minutes each time. Unless we are given a weather advisory.

Infants (6 weeks- 18 months)

It is our belief that it is never too early to start learning! In our Infant and Toddler Rooms a unique lesson plan is created to provide a safe, loving and secure environment, but an educationally enriched atmosphere as well. Our classrooms provide print rich environments for children to begin recognizing letters, literacy throughout the day by continually reading, singing songs and finger plays, sign language. We focus on Social Emotional Development and help children create bonds, interact with adults and peers, and building strong relationships.

Toddlers/Two’s (18-36 months)

Our Terrific Two’s Room provides a quality-learning environment for children to learn and grow. We believe children learn best through play! This room is divided into interest areas. Dramatic Play, Reading/Cozy Corner, Fine motor, Art, Music and movement, Science and math. Children are involved in Circle time each day, which introduces and repeats the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and days of the week and sign language. The lesson plan is themed each week for example; Nutrition, holidays, seasons, etc. Children will engage in activities surrounding the theme of their lesson plan for the week (turning dramatic play into a grocery store for nutrition week). Children have a chance to explore all learning areas throughout the day discovering, learning and socializing with their peers is our focus.

Pre-School Program (3- 4 years)

Ready, Set, Learn! Our program offers wonderful opportunities for children to advance in their learning. We offer science, math, reading/ cozy corner, sign language, dramatic play, fine motor, gross motor, block play, music and movement, sand and water play, which all provide key learning and development. In this class children begin to recognize the letters of the alphabet and connect the sound of the alphabet with the letter. Teaching phonemic awareness is key to our program, and implemented each day into our classrooms. Children begin to learn pre-writing skills, through practicing drawing lines and shapes. We begin to teach them the letters of their first name and how to write them. The lesson plans are themed each week and each lesson coincides with the theme of the week. Field trips will be offered.

Pre-K Program (4- 5 years)

It’s almost time for that first year of school and we are here to get every child ready for it! This program focuses on the educational elements your children need to succeed in the road ahead of them. Kindergarten can be overwhelming for some children, but we are here to prepare them for their future. In our program we focus on the Nevada Pre-K Standards that align with what children need to know when starting school. We begin to focus on the recognition of letters and sounds the letters make. Throughout the year we work on a letter a week the recognition of Upper and Lower Case letters and the sound the letter makes, and how to write the letter. We focus on mastering counting and writing numbers; we take it up a notch by introducing pre-math skills the beginning development of addition. As the school year progresses we begin to introduce the site words, such as at, the, it, and more! This is a great addition to pre-reading skills and begins to get children excited to start reading! We don’t just stop there, Children learn about different cultures, community helpers, and people with differing abilities through music, play, books and more. We teach children to accept everyone no matter their differences and exposing them to different cultures music, food and more! We believe education with the combination of good character opens a door of endless possibilities for our students! Field trips will be offered.

School Age Program (5 – 12 years)

We offer before and after school care program for children 5 – 12 years. In this program we offer homework assistance and work in conjunction with parents to help aide in the children’s education. We are happy to offer extra help in any area the parents would like for their children. When the homework is done and it’s time to play, we offer activities that are focused on education. In this room we provide math activities, Science experiments and exploring, a large library for children to read and discover new exciting adventures! Field trips will be offered.

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