Alica McBain

My 3 children have been going here for a while now. My kids absolutely love this center. The director Jenny greets them every morning by name and visits them often in their classes. The morning infant room teacher is absolutely amazing my daughter adores her. My 3 year old loves Ms Candice and lights up when he sees her. My 4 year old has a crush on Ms Amanda and talks about the teacher in his room often. I enjoy the way the school handles my children, they allow my 4 year old to be there helper with special projects (meal time helping with the little ones in the evening) it makes him feel important. They have helped potty train my 3 year old with in the 1st couple of weeks there. The director Ms Jenny is amazing she is very helpful with everything from getting your paper work in to addressing any and all issues that you may have. Jenny will sit down with you and work out a plan for your child that works for everyone, she also cares about the kids and will call if they miss a day or two just to make sure everything is okay. They aren’t open 24/7 as stated on their website and signs. They are open Monday-Saturday 6 am to 11 pm. Those hours work for me as the type of job I do but I can’t wait till they are open Sundays. They have an amazing night schedule with feeding the kids and then laying them down to rest. They also are very cautious of the weather and NEVER have the kids outside when it’s extremely hot. There Pre K program is great my 4 year old is learning so much from them. All the teachers here are amazing (there have been a few changes all for the better) and they do genuinely care about the kids and form bonds with they. They are quick to call you if something happens with your child, or if you let them know your child is having a rough day they give them a little extra attention. They have witnessed my daughter take her 1st steps and celebrated with me. I am very impressed at how clean the school is every time I go there and i am very happy with the night teachers and how they care for my children. My kids are always clean when I get them and happy. i would highly recommend this center for anyone who is looking. I am looking forward to more adventures ahead as my 2 boys continue Pre K with them and my daughter moves up the ladder. I appreciate all the hard work and care everyone in this center provides to my kids especially the love they show them.

Terrance Bryant

This place is great, but it wasn’t always. I’m giving it five stars for what it is, as I write this review, not what it was when I first started bringing my child here. In the beginning there was a different director and the center was open 24 hours, but there was really no structure and it seemed a little chaotic, to say the least. For the price, it couldn’t be beat. One day, my daughter started crying when we were dropping her off for preschool and this persisted for a couple days, then my girlfriend brought it to the director’s attention. My girlfriend had noticed changes in the teachers and my daughter was not adjusting well. The director, who was a new one, set up an appointment so they could have a sit down conversation. We were not pleased, before this appointment and wanted to know what was going on and why our daughter was feeling the way she was about the school. So, come to find out, they had been letting some teachers go and bringing in new ones and changing the structure of the classes to be more school like, rather than daycare like. The reason they were letting some teachers go was because they were bringing in more qualified people to fill the positions, after they had hired a new director, who is much better than the original director. They have always worked with us, as far as payment goes, as long as you let them know in advance, which is like any bill. After setting up the new structure, my daughter, who was two at the time, was bumped up into the 3 year old class because she was doing so well, and they have talked about moving her up another class, since she has turned 3.I have been taking my daughter here since two weeks after they opened, so I’ve been there since the beginning and have seen the good and bad and the great changes and improvements that have been made. I wouldn’t take my daughter anywhere else, oh and their hours are Monday-Saturday 6am-midnight. Not 24 hours anymore, but not bad at all.

Ashley Hamilton

My daughter (age 2) has been going to Gold Standard pre-school for the past five months, within that time she is now Potty Trained… and knows all of her of her Alphabet by sight.  The staff are wonderful and very helpful… I would recommend Gold Standard for any child….